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UV-C Sterilizer Multi-Function Disinfection Box for Any Small Items

Product Code: issbd-1617

BDT 3,500.0


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Specification For UV Sterilizer Box

Product Name UV Sterilizer Box
Rated Input 5V 2A
USB Output 5V 1A
Sterilize Power 3W
Aromatherapy Power 1W
Max Power 9W
Ultraviolet Wavelength 260-280nm
Eliminates of Bacteria 99.99%



Feature For UV Sterilizer Box


1.     Sanitizing your phone regularly, protect yourself from harmful bacteria.

2.     Kills 99.99% of bacteria and germs in 5 minutes

3.     Suitable to put in cell phones which small than 6 inch and other small things which could put in the box, like MP4,masks, Bluetooth headset, watch, toothbrush, jewelry, sockets, keys, ect.

4.     It also works as an aromatherapy essential oils diffuser. Simple add a couple drops of your favorite aromatic oil inside of freshen your phone while sanitizing.


Step 1:turn on the power switch of the machine(when you hear that the bluetooth
speaker is on), and then the bluetooth indicator light flashes, indicating that the
bluetooth is on and has entered the searchable mode.
Step 2:bluetooth search. Turn on the bluetooth function of the mobile phone, set the bluetooth setting of the mobile phone as"visible to all"or it can be searched or
open for detection, and then click"search"to find the bluetooth device, click and select the bluetooth device after searching, then the bluetooth speaker will "beeps", indicating that it has been connected.

Step 3:music playback. Then you can sync the music on your phone









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