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UV-C light sterilizer germicidal lamp 8W tube with ozone

Product Code: issbd-1618

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UV rays are harmful to the eyes and skin, do not look at the lamp when it lights up.
People / pets / plants cannot be exposed to light.
After use, because the lamp killed a lot of bacteria in the room, please open the windows and doors, allow the room to ventilate for 15 minutes and then enter.
Dust mites killed: Dust mites are small creatures invisible to the naked eye, on the bed, pillow, sofa, carpets, they are everywhere in the house and make many damages: dust mites bite the skin people make itching and redness of the skin, let people can not sleep And uncomfortable. The rays of this UV-C lamp are hundreds of stronger than the sun's rays, they can kill dust mites instantly.
Killing bacteria: This lamp can easily kill bacteria include: mold, Staphylococcus aureus, E. coli, pet parvovirus virus, influenza virus, etc. UV light will break it into water and oxygen.
Odor removal: This lamp can smell just like smoke in the kitchen, musty odor in the bedroom, bad smell in bathroom, shoe box, fridge, garbage container, etc. UV-C ray can kill bacteria that will cause odor, and ozone will kill quickly and decompose the oxidation of organic or inorganic odors.
Fresh Air: Small substances can be broken into the air, reducing allergens that can cause asthma and allergies, killing pollutants that cause colds, money, allergies, sinus infections, and making the air fresher.
Type: UV germicidal disinfection lamp
Emitted color: bluish violet
Bracket material: aluminum bracket
Voltage: 110V / 220V
Wattage: 6W / 8W
Lamp type: T5 (G5)
Glass bulb type: round tube
Length: approx. 235 (mm) / 310 (mm)
Disinfection area: 6W <= 9m ²; 8 watts <= 12 m ²
Suggestion period: 1-3 times / week
Sterilization time suggestion: 30-60 minutes one
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