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Instant Electric Heating Water Faucet

Product Code: issbd-1536

BDT 2,400.0


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Power unified are the 3000-watt, 5 seconds fast heat! Temperature at about 30 degrees to 60 degrees ABS engineering plastics, high temperature resistant, soft and strong, not easy to burst high shape stability strong anti-stamping, UV radiation...


The unified power is 3000 watts, 5 seconds of fast heat!Temperature around 30 degrees to 60 degrees
ABS engineering plastics, resistant to high temperatures, soft and strong, not easy to burst
High shape stability
Strong anti-stamping, UV radiation, so that the product is not easy to aging
Security is more durable and durable
Product Name: Quick Electric Faucet
The main material: environmental refined copper + ABS engineering plastics
The path of entry: under the influential
Surface Treatment: multiple plating
Coil: diamond level ceramic coil
Heating tube: heating element made of high purity copper
Cord length: about 1.5 m
Fast electric heating water tap
Inetant electric heating water tap
Low Consumpting
Easy to install and use
Just 3-5 seconds, 30-60 degrees of hot water for use
Do not preheat, provide hot water all the time.
Water is separated from electricity.
Absolute security
With Leakage Protection for electrical equipment
Water flow switch, to ensure that the electric water is cut off.
Fast and efficient, easy to use, adjustable water temperature 30 ° c to 60 ° c
Water pressure: 0.04-0.5Mpa
Input rating (power): 220 V
Rated power: 3000 w
1. Five seconds electric heat
2. Fully automatic control
3. Security six insurance
4. Continuous temperature regulation
5. Cold and hot water
6. Healthy magnetic water

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