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Hotel Door Lock E5100 Silver-Golden

Product Code: ISSBD-1161

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BDT 10,300.0


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Card technology: Mifare 1 card,13.56Mhz Working voltage:DC6V,4pcs Alkaline batteries Working temperature: -20℃~+60℃ Working humidity:10%~85% RH Power consumption:Static current:≤20µA, Dynamic current≤200 mA Lock Shell: SUS304 stainle...

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·Stand alone electronic lock with RFID technology.
·Brushed stainless steel finish.
·EURO standard mortise,85mm,72mm optional
·Handle lifted locking
·Compatible with Mifare Energy Saver
·Open by intelligent inductive cards or mechanical key
·Personalized Locking System and cylinder cover
·Step by step installation software, easy operation. OEM acceptable.
·Classified Access Authorization for safety management.
·Multiple operators with different card issuing authorizations
·All card with validity, guest card expires automatically at default check out date and time.
·Meeting room function and different levels of passage door functions.
·Lost guest card suspension simply by issuing a new guest card with suspending function.
·200 event audit trail
·Receptionist card issuing records printable
·Low Battery Voltage warning.
·Lock failure alarm.
·Interface with most of the PMS systems
·CE & FCC Certificate




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