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Full HD 1080p Pen Camera

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Perfect for: Portable Recording 1080p HD Video & Audio Recording Photo pixel 2560*1440 Support with 32GB Memory Card Includes Motion-Activated Mode Size: Length 145mm* Width 15mm Excellent Low Light Recording Capabilities One Touch Video an...

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The HD Pen Camera is a portable video camera that you can use virtually anywhere. You can hold the pen in your hand while you’re taking notes or leave it lying on the table. If someone has been harassing you at the office or in your personal life, you can capture all the evidence without making a scene.

Despite its small appearance, the HD Pen Camera records full 1080p HD video, audio, and high-resolution photos. It can even record clear video in low-light conditions. If you’re working late or traveling after the sun goes down, the HD Pen Camera will still capture everything that’s happening nearby.

The HD Pen Camera support with 32GB memory, giving you enough storage space to record during a meeting or a special event. If you want to record for long periods of time, you can use the motion-activation feature. This means that the camera will only record when it senses motion nearby. Just leave the device lying around your home or office and you will catch all the important moments without wasting your storage space on useless video.

You don’t need technical training to use the HD Pen Camera. There’s only one button on the device that you can use to start or stop a recording, take a photo, or to turn on the motion-activation feature. If you’re in the middle of a meeting, just tap the top button and you’re ready to start recording. You can quickly take a video without bringing attention to yourself.

Powerful and easy-to-use, the HD Pen Camera has everything you need to record video and audio while you’re out and about. Record everything important that happens in your life with this HD Pen Camera. Protect yourself in every situation with it

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