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Digital Electronic Hotel Card Door Lock-Black

Product Code: ISSBD-1319

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Product details of Digital Electronic Hotel Card Door Lock-Black Induction operating frequency: 125 khz or 13.56 mhz options Applicable card: T5557 or M1 card (T5557 card standard) Voltage: 4 pieces, 1.5v alkaline batteries Alarm voltage: Sta...

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Hotel Schloss System Advantages:
1. Anti-rust and anti-corrosion (stainless steel / Zina allo material optional)
2. Famous brand chips - Atmel or Philips, sufficiently stable, lock can use for 20 years
3. EU standard ensure safety, anti-strike
4.Data collectors can download lock records, eg. When, the use, the key open lock
5. 4pcs AA batteries can use about 10-12 months
6. Working clock is setted inside locks, to ensure the effective time limit of the card key.
Eg. If set check out time 11:00 AM, pass 11:00 AM, guest card can not open door lock
7. two unlock ways: RFID card or mechanical key (Master mechanical key optional)


1. guest card: Issued by reception to open his own room with expiring date
2. master card: Hold by management or GM or manager to access all rooms of hotel with latch opening
3. floor map: Keep by clean staff, enter the room in a floor.
4. Building Map: Hold by manager to enter the room in a building
5. lost card: Used to expose the lost guest card
6. Emergency card: Enter the all rooms if emergency
RFID Hotel Door Lock System Composition:
1. RF door lock (quantity = room) --------- installed in doors
2. encoder (quantity = 1-2pcs / hotel) -------------- For the exhibition / program all cards become unlock key
3. Energy saving switch (quantity = room) --- To control power, saving power for you.
4. cards (amount = 3-5 times from room) ----- be programmed to get the key by encoder
5. Data Collector (1 piece / hotel, Optional) ------ Download unlock records (who / when open) from lock
6. Software, English language (free) ---- For control and management the whole system. SDK support
(For other language sofware, you can translate it to become your language
7. hotel DND Door bell System (Options), logo or room number printing on panle is free for bulk order!

This link is from lock only, If you need full door lock system Or bulk order, please contact with me for details.

If you used in home or office, aparment, it does not need other system parts, we will send a lock with 3pcs fob key to you )


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Door open direction is required when placing order!

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