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Analog Camera , HD Camera Or IP Camera , Whatever CCTV Camera System You wist to Install There are Many Accessories Required for CCTV Camera Solution. Depending on the Type Of Camera , Place of Installation, Type of Organization Some Accessories May Differ. The Proper use of Accessories Make your CCTV Camera Project Perform Better. Some Camera Accessories are not Same as Others Type of Camera. Like 

TheMost Required Accessories for CCTV Camera Solution are , 
For Analog CCTV Camera, Accessories Are Single 12VDC Power Supply , Central High AMP Power Supply. BNC Jack, Video Balun, Camera Stand, Outdoor Housing, Mover, PTZ External Mover, Fiber Video Converter, Wireless Transverse Card, DVR, Video Server, Etc.
HD Camera Require Almost Same Accessories Like Analog Camera, But Few Different. Contact our Expert Engineer to Know More for your Project. 

IP Camera Accessories Demand are Different. IP Camera Required Data Communication Network Accessories Like, 
Network Switch, RJ45 Connector, CAT6 Cable, Fiber Optic Cable, RAK, POE Adapter or POE Ethernet Switch, Router, Network Video Recorder or NVR, Hard Disk or Storage Server (SAN, NAS ) , As Well As Some Analog Camera Accessories. 

Ecom International Provide Total Solution for Analog CCTV Camera, IP Camera and HD Camera Solution for Any Types of Company In Bangladesh. 







BNC Connector

RJ45 Connector

Camera Mover

BNC Connector 
Origin: China
Brand: MX 
Price : 20.00 ~100.00
Call For Update Price.

RJ Connector 
Origin: China
Brand: AMP, D-link 
Price : 2.00 ~ 25.00 
Call For Update Price.

Indoor Camera Mover.
Brand: MTBD 
Price: 6,00.00 ~ 5000.00 
Call For Update Price.




CCTV Camera Accessories Camera Housing

CCTV Camera Accessories CCD Cable, Coaxiale Cable

CCTV Camera and Network Accessories

Camera Outdoor Housing 
Origin: China 
Price: 500.00 ~ 5200.00 
Call For Update Price.

RJ6 Cable / Coax Cable 
.Origin: China :
Price: 12 ~ 23 tk / per meter 
Call For Update Price.. 

Cat6 / Cat6e Cable 
Brand: AMP, Belden / D-link 
Price: 19 ~ 55 tk / meter 
Call For Update Price.




CCTV or IP Camera Accessories, Patch Cord

HDMI Extender Over LAN

CCTV Camera Accessories

Patch Cord 
Length: 3 meter 
Price: 250 ~ 350 tk 
Call For Update Price.

HDMI Extender Over LAN
HDMI KVM Over LAN, Ethernet Switch, L2 Protocols For Send HDMI Data Up to 120Meter , Over Switched Network, ++ Distance.

Video Balun 
Brand : China . 
Passive Price : 150.00~500.00 
Call For Update Price.







POE Injector, POE Adapter

Camera Adapter

POE Injector
POE Adapter for IP Camera and POE Base Access Control 
Price :950.00 
Call For Update Price.

Power Supply 
Power Adapter 12VDC 1.5A~2A
Price :200.00 ~ 500.00 
Origin: China 
Call For Update Price.

Special Power Supply 
Power Adapter 12VDC 4A~4.5A
Price :500 ~ 1800.00 
Origin: China 
Call For Update Price.




POE Injector



Power Supply Out Door 
Power Adapter 12VDC 2A
Price :200.00 ~ 800.00 
Origin: China 
Call For Update Price.





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